Paul Broun promises to join House Freedom Caucus

GAINESVILLE, GA - Dr. Paul Broun announced today that he would join the House Freedom Caucus if he becomes the next U.S. Representative for Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District.

Broun says that he would be a natural fit for the solidly conservative Freedom Caucus that has been outspoken in defending President Trump.

“I was the Freedom Caucus before there was a Freedom Caucus,” Broun says. His previous time in Congress ended the year the Freedom Caucus was founded. 

Known for his “bombastic style and unflinching ideology” according to Politico, Broun was considered “the most conservative Republican in federal office” by MSNBC and “the most conservative congressman in America” by Salon. 

Broun says he shares the Freedom Caucus’s commitment to conservative principles and restoring “constitutional governance.” In Congress, Broun chaired the Second Amendment Task Force and sponsored The Sanctity of Human Life Act. Broun supported stricter border security and immigration controls and opposed Obamacare and John Boehner as Speaker, and introduced the most targeted spending cuts of anyone in Congress. Like the Freedom Caucus, Broun is an outspoken supporter of President Trump and his “America First agenda.” 

“The Freedom Caucus makes being a conservative on Capitol Hill a whole lot easier,” Broun says. “We now have a group of conservative lawmakers dedicated to taking on the big government establishment in both parties. The Freedom Caucus has shown it can get things done in Washington and take things in a more constitutional direction.”

Broun’s scored a 99% lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union, a 97% lifetime score with Club For Growth, an A rating from the National Rifle Association, and an A+ career rating from NumbersUSA. His current candidacy has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights, Combat Veterans for Congress, and National Defense PAC. 

A Marine veteran and family physician known for his house call practice, Broun previously represented Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District from 2007 until 2015, an area that includes 11 of the 20 counties that now comprise the Ninth District. While a congressman in 2012, Broun deployed to Afghanistan as a Naval Reserve medical officer to treat ill and injured soldiers and Marines. 

Broun will face eight others vying for the Republican nomination in the June 9 primary.
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