ATHENS, GA - Former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has endorsed former Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. for re-election to his old seat in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District. 

Deal endorsed Broun, saying:

“Experience matters! Paul Broun gained valuable experience in the U.S. House of Representatives where we served together for several years. When he is re-elected to Congress, he will have the seniority he had earned. Experience and leadership will allow him to serve his constituents in a very effective manner. I encourage you to vote to ‘Bring Back Broun!’ His experience and his leadership will immediately allow Paul Broun to work effectively for the 10th district of Georgia and America. For these reasons, I publicly support and endorse Dr. Paul Broun for Georgia’s 10th Congressional District!”

“Nathan Deal is a great friend and a first-rate governor, and I’m thrilled to have his support,” Broun said. “Gov. Deal knows how important seniority is and what it can do for Georgia. A Republican majority won’t be enough to save America. It’s going to take a return to constitutionally limited government to restore the republic and heal our land.”  

Deal and Broun served together in Congress, representing neighboring districts.
If re-elected, Broun would return to Congress with 7½ years of seniority, which would give him priority to get back his gavel as chairman of the U.S. House Science Investigations Committee. 

“As an actual scientist,” Broun said, “I’m the only candidate who is qualified to launch a deep-dive investigation into the origins of COVID-19, America’s response to it, and how to better prepare for future public health crises so as to save lives and preserve liberty and our economy.

“The American people deserve to know the truth about COVID-19, China, Dr. Fauci, the NIH, CDC, and FDA. How did this all happen? Where did it come from? What went right? What went wrong? How can we handle it better next time? I want to go back to Congress and get back that gavel and find out.”

In particular, Broun hopes to find out more about when Chinese and international officials knew about the virus, why other nations were not alerted in a timely manner, and how excessive federal regulations may have stalled a swifter and more effective national response to the pandemic. 

Known for his “bombastic style and unflinching ideology” according to Politico, Broun was considered “the most conservative Republican in federal office” by MSNBC and “the most conservative congressman in America” by Salon during his previous tenure. 

Broun never voted for a single tax hike, omnibus bill, continuing resolution, bailout, or debt ceiling increase, and passed the most targeted spending cuts of anyone in Congress, while voting to reduce federal spending by almost $1 trillion a year. 

Dr. Paul Broun, M.D. is a physician with over 40 years of medical experience. As a congressman in 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan as a medical officer in the Naval Reserve, treating ill and injured soldiers and Marines. Broun previously represented Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District from 2007 until 2015.   Source: Paul Broun for Congress

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