I will return to Congress with 7½ years of seniority, which would give me immediate priority to get back my gavel as Chairman of the U.S. House Science Investigations Committee. That’s the main reason I’m running.

As a U.S. Marine veteran and Medical Doctor, I’m the only candidate in America who has the seniority and the scientific credentials to launch a full-scale, deep-dive investigation into:
  • the origins of COVID-19, 
  • America’s response to it, and
  • how to better prepare for future public health crises 
    • so as to save lives and preserve liberty and our economy.
I’m counting on your support to INVESTIGATE COVID, China, & Dr. Fauci.

While we are all ready to get past the pandemic, and rightly so, there are too many  questions and too few answers about what actually happened and how the public health deep state responded to it:
  • How did this pandemic happen? Where did this virus come from?
  • Why was Dr. Fauci funding gain of function research in Wuhan, China, and why did he lie about it? What else is Dr. Fauci lying about? What else is he hiding?
  • What went right with the American response? What went wrong? 
  • Could we have saved more lives by a “targeted protection” approach while keeping our schools and economy open? 
  • Did excessive federal regulations stall a swifter and more effective response? 
  • Were affordable, life-saving medicines suppressed in favor of forced vaccinations?
  • How can we be better prepared for the next pandemic? 
  • How can we protect the most vulnerable while preserving American liberty? 
The left likes to talk about “trusting the science,” but the powers-that-be in Washington have sidelined real science that works because they want to keep spreading fear porn and creating more government dependency. For them, it’s all about the power and money, all at the cost of our civil liberties and fundamental human dignity. 

We must never allow fake science and the deep-state, globalist agenda to shut down our schools and our workplaces again! The past two years must NEVER be repeated. 

Everybody deserves due process, but I will use the powers of the Science Investigations Committee to find out the truth, hold arrogant, corrupt power-freaks like Dr. Fauci accountable, and make referrals for criminal prosecution where the evidence warrants it.

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