Facebook Takes A Knee To The Mob

At the beginning of the Paul Broun for Congress campaign, like many campaigns, we included a sweepstakes— ours was to win an AR-15. Naturally, I gave two reasons why citizens should enter to win the rifle.

"Whether it’s Looting Hordes from Atlanta or a tyrannical government from Washington, there are few better Liberty Machines than an AR-15."

Following my promotional video released on April 6th, I was then lambasted by leftists and the media over the term “looting hordes from Atlanta”. Now as looting hordes terrorize the country Facebook ironically removed the ad.

In an article scolding Facebook for running the ad in the first place, Vice News reported,

"Broun began running a similar sponsored ad on Facebook on May 29, according to Popular Information, which again features Broun saying: ‘Whether its looting hoards from Atlanta, or a tyrannical government in Washington, there are few better Liberty Machines than an AR-15.’ After the site emailed Facebook to inquire about the ad, Facebook removed it."

Given the events that have occurred since April 6th, the date of my press release, one would expect an apology or some self-reflection from Facebook and the leftist media. Instead Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told Popular Information that,

"We removed this ad, which advocates the use of deadly weapons against a clearly defined group of people, for violating our policies against inciting violence."

Who’s inciting violence? I clearly state that an AR-15 is for defensive purposes. 

The same people who claim that guns are unnecessary are now telling municipalities to defund and disband police departments. In fact, this morning Vice journalist Aaron Gordon praised the actions of the Minneapolis City Council to dismantle the MPD.

"So, too, has there been previously unimaginable progress during the short weeks of the George Floyd protest movement. On Sunday, the city council of Minneapolis, where Floyd lived and died, announced it has a veto-proof majority to disband the Minneapolis Police Department, a surreal victory for police reform efforts unfathomable just a few weeks ago."

The rioters have clearly shown themselves to be violent aggressors. If police and guns are disbanded, how are law-abiding citizens supposed to defend themselves?

Accordingly, I encourage all of my constituents to exercise their second amendment rights as these events play out. Georgia’s 9th district should not be held responsible for occurrences in Minneapolis or be revolutionized on the grounds of ambiguous concepts. I support the second amendment and condemn the media for green lighting the lawless rioters.  Source: Paul Broun for Congress

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