GAINESVILLE, GA - Dr. Paul Broun, U.S. House candidate for Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, is proud to announce the support of three veterans groups for his campaign.

The Combat Veterans for Congress PAC, the National Defense PAC, and the Gator PAC have all endorsed Broun’s bid to return to Congress.

The Combat Veterans for Congress PAC is dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative veterans. The PAC backs candidates who support limited government, want to rein in out of control spending, and are committed to preserving and defending the US Constitution.. The PAC was founded in 2009 by Congressman Barry M. Goldwater and Capt Joseph R. John.

National Defense PAC focuses on the election of “balanced-budget-committed Military Veterans to the U. S. Congress.” The PAC backs veteran candidates who promise to support a strong national defense and strong effective homeland security, crack down on illegal immigration, and endorse the teaching of accurate US history and the Founding Fathers’ core values in educational institutions. Its national chairman is retired Rear Admiral James J. Carey. 

Gator PAC was founded by retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness. It supports constitutional conservative candidates who advocate for liberty, limited government, and prosperity.

“As a veteran, I know our country owes a great deal to those who answered the call to serve,” Broun says. “I promise to uphold the vision of America that so many gave their lives for in Washington D.C. and make veterans’ concerns a priority. I’m grateful to receive the support of these conservative veteran groups.”

A Marine veteran and family physician known for his house call practice, Broun previously represented Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District from 2007 until 2015, an area that includes 11 of the 20 counties that now comprise the Ninth District he now seeks to represent. While a congressman in 2012, Broun deployed to Afghanistan as a Naval Reserve medical officer to treat ill and injured soldiers and Marines. He was honorably discharged in 2014 with the rank of Commander.

Known for his “bombastic style and unflinching ideology” according to Politico, Broun was considered “the most conservative Republican in federal office” by MSNBC and “the most conservative congressman in America” by Salon
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