100% Pro-Life

I am 100% Pro-Life and nobody can question my commitment to defending the unborn. I believe in protecting every single unborn baby in every circumstance.

I was proud in my time as a legislator to be endorsed by Georgia Right to Life. Georgia Right to Life is the strongest, most committed Pro-Life group in Georgia. They know that I fight for the unborn in every circumstance and never accept allowing any unborn babies to be killed, unless the mother and baby's lives are in imminent danger.

I will never vote to send a single penny from your paycheck to Planned Parenthood. The Hyde Amendment, which has been the Law of the Land since the 1970s, is not enough to make taxpayer funds for Planned Parenthood acceptable. Make no mistake, every taxpayer penny given to Planned Parenthood frees up money in their budget for abortion. A vote to fund Planned Parenthood is a vote to fund abortion, whether directly or indirectly. Especially after the terrible discovery that Planned Parenthood has been butchering babies for profit, it is morally reprehensible to take money from your paycheck and send it Planned Parenthood.

I pledge that I will continue to fight against funding Planned Parenthood and to provide unborn babies with personhood.

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