Let Teachers Teach!

Education is the great equalizer in our country. Regardless of someone’s background, a high quality education gives them a pathway to success. On education, we absolutely have to get it right.

Education policy has to recognize that each student is unique and original. Meeting the needs of every child requires a variety of educational choices and options that can only be done at the local level.

Moving fowards that requires sending powers back to the states and getting federal bureaucrats out of local education decisions. To act on this during my previous time in Congress, I introduced a bill to abolish the Department of Education.

We also need to stop the ongoing federal intrusion into education. This intrusion is most evident through Common Core and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which reauthorized No Child Left Behind. Or, as I like to call it “No Teacher Left Unshackled.”

These terrible policies are key examples of unnecessary, detrimental federal inrusion into education.

Sadly, when they voted for ESSA, Establishment Republicans voted to reauthorize No Child Left Behind and to keep Common Core in place. On top of that, the Omnibus bill that Establishment Republicans passed locked funding for Common Core and the Department of Education into place.

This is unacceptable!

We must fight to pass a bill to abolish the Department of Education, to fully and finally repeal No Child Left Behind, and to put a complete stop to Common Core once and for all.

You can read more about my thoughts on education here.


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