The 2nd Amendment

A Proud Fighter For Second Amendment Rights
A Young Paul Broun
A young Paul Broun poses for Stafford's Catalog, a former hunting store.

As a lifelong hunter, I know that we have a God-given right to own firearms and to protect ourselves. This right is also explicitly protected by our Constitution's 2nd Amendment. In Congress, I not only fought to stop gun grabbers from limiting your rights, but I also fought to eliminate existing barriers and to expand your right to keep and bear arms.

I am proud of my record as a Constitional Conservative Congressman:
  • Support National Constitutional Carry
  • Served as Chairman of the U.S. House 2nd Amendment Task Force.
  • Life member of NRA and Gun Owners of America.
  • A NRA Rating
  • A+ Gun Owners of America Rating
  • Former President of Georgia affiliate of NRA.
  • Member of Georgia Carry.
  • Endorsed by National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR).


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