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Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

As a physician, I know that President Obama has misdiagnosed American health care.  ObamaCare is the wrong prescription.  ObamaCare doesn’t improve health care.  It is a massive government intrusion into the most private aspect of our lives.  It is the first step in a government takeover of a large segment of our economy.

President Obama is guilty of malpractice, but it’s the American people who will pay the price.   I have authored the Patient OPTION Act, to fully repeal and replace ObamaCare. 

Every promise about ObamaCare was false.  Under it, the quality of health care decreases, cost increases, taxes go up, privacy in health care decision-making and the privacy of your personal health records is destroyed.  Denial of care and rationing of care is inevitable.  

The American people surely never wanted the IRS to become the policeman of their health care. But that’s part of ObamaCare.

We must not have health care controlled by bureaucrats and policed by the IRS.  We need private-sector, market-based, patient-centered solutions.  My Patient OPTION Act is different from approaches offered by other Republicans too.  My plan is totally private sector and does not involve government.  My plan will put patients, doctors, and families back in control.  Here’s what it does:
  • REPEALS ObamaCare!
  • 100% tax deductibility of all health care expenses, including health insurance
  • Significantly increases Health Savings Accounts contributions and eligibility
  • Saves Medicare from bankruptcy by making it a premium-based assistance program.
  • Lets consumers buy health insurance across state lines.
  • Expands group insurance options by allowing any qualified entity to create an insurance pool and negotiate insurance plans of behalf of any participating member.
  • Allows physicians to donate charity and pro bono care now prohibited by federal law.
  • My bill is about empowering the American people through free market solutions controlled by patients and their families.


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