Georgia Right To Life Endorses Broun for 9th District Congress

Georgia Right to Life PAC announced Wednesday its endorsement of Dr. Paul Broun in the Ninth Congressional District Republican primary.

The PAC endorsed Broun for his “pro-life, pro-personhood commitment to the protection of human life, born and pre-born.”

“We take several factors into consideration including the reputation of the candidate, the strength of the campaign, and any possible threat posed by an opponent,” Georgia Right to Life PAC Director Genevieve Wilson says. “As a candidate who has demonstrated a willingness to stand for the sanctity of life, we are especially pleased to commend Dr. Paul Broun and look forward to working with him.”

Broun’s dedication to the pro-life cause has extended beyond political stances to personal activism. Broun says he helped found an abortion alternative center in Atlanta based on evangelical Christian convictions. 

Georgia Right to Life PAC exists to “encourage and support candidates who will be an effective voice for those who cannot speak for themselves and who will uphold the standard of no exceptions and no compromise.”

Broun has signed the Georgia Right to Life’s Personhood Affirmation, and his record of keeping that pledge during his previous tenure in Congress helped earn the group’s support again.

As a Congressman, Broun sponsored the Sanctity of Life Act that would acknowledge the legal personhood of babies in the womb. His unflinching stance on the issue helped earn him the reputation as “the most conservative Republican in federal office” (MSNBC).

“As a physician and scientist, I know for a fact that life begins at conception and that abortion stops a beating heart,” Broun says. “My Christian faith tells me it is reprehensible to murder the most vulnerable among us for the sake of sexual convenience. If elected to Congress, my first legislation will be the Sanctity of Life Act, and I will work to ensure all abortion providers are stripped of taxpayer funding. We cannot say we are ‘one nation under God’ if we tolerate ungodly acts. We need to celebrate the most fundamental human right and empower mothers to choose life for their children.”

Broun is a physician with 49 years of medical experience. As a congressman in 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan as a medical officer in the Naval Reserve, treating ill and injured soldiers and Marines. Broun previously represented Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District from 2007 until 2015, an area that includes 11 of the 20 counties that now comprise the Ninth District he now seeks to represent.  Source: Paul Broun for Congress

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