I want to hear about your experiences and the problems you've faced as a veteran. Your input will help me continue to advocate for veterans.

Taking care of our veterans is both a national security issue and a moral issue. It’s a national security issue because if we don’t take care of our current veterans and provide them with what they’ve been promised, then it will be impossible to recruit good people to be senior Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs), Senior Officers (SOs), or Flag Officers (Generals and Admirals). It’s a moral issue because the veterans who risked their lives to fight for our freedoms were promised certain medical benefits and it's our duty to guarantee that they receive them.

With initial input from Veteran Service Organization (VSO) leaders, I’ve put together a 10-point plan to address many of the problems currently plaguing the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These are my proposed solutions to:
  • Address the staggering claims backlog.
  • Work toward developing a seamless transition from Active Duty into the VA’s healthcare system.
  • Modernize, streamline, and simplify the VA’s health records.
  • Assist in eliminating complex bureaucratic barriers that prevent veterans from getting the highest quality medical care and make it difficult to navigate.  
  • Prioritize care for serious wounds, illnesses, and injuries, while continuing to stress the necessity of optimal care for all veterans. 
The 10 points are:
  1. Vision and Morale Compass Check
  2. Top-to-Bottom Review of the Department of Veterans Affairs
  3. Increase Communication and Collaboration between DOD and VA
  4. Address Budget Overruns
  5. Reduce the Daunting Disability Claims Backlog 
  6. Reduce Duplication of Effort
  7. Reevaluate VA Employee Resources Based Need 
  8. The Fiduciary System for Incompetent VA Claimants Needs an Overhaul 
  9. Pension Centers Need More Employee Resources
  10. Address Outdated or Obsolete Reference Material
This is only the first step in a process towards addressing the problems facing our veterans. I plan to continue meeting with VSO leaders and veterans across Georgia and I look forward to reading the input you shared above.

You can read the plan in its entirety here.



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