Pro-Life Leader Challenges Doug Collins' Pro-Choice Stance

Gainesville, GA – Dr. Paul Broun, conservative Constitutionalist candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, had the following statement regarding Rep. Doug Collins’ recent attacks on Pro-Life groups and individuals:

Instead of taking responsibility for his vote to fund the butchers at Planned Parenthood, Establishment Doug Collins is attacking me for being too strongly Pro-Life,” said Broun. “In doing so, he’s also attacking Georgia Right to Life and courageous Pro-Life leaders like Rebecca Kiessling.

“Collins hasn’t always opposed Georgia Right to Life, though. When he first ran for Congress, he swore an oath to them that he’d be 100% Pro-Life. Sadly, he violated that oath his very first year in Congress, causing Georgia Right to Life to revoke their support for him and instead endorse me.

Rebecca’s story highlights just how wrong Collins has been on Life. It also shows why Georgia Right to Life is on the right side of this issue. I encourage everyone to read Rebecca’s story and consider it seriously when deciding who to vote for. I also encourage Doug Collins to accept Rebecca's invitation for a meeting.

If Rep. Doug Collins had his way, I would have been killed,” said Kiessling in a recent editorial. “I repeat my challenge: I will meet him at my own expense so he can tell me face-to-face that my mother should have been allowed to kill me,” she later continued.

Rebecca’s website can be found at and her thoughts on Dr. Broun’s current campaign can be read here.
   Source: Paul Broun for Congress


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