Paul Broun Receives Prominent Veteran Endorsements

Gainesville, GA – Today, Dr. Paul Broun, conservative Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District, announced the endorsements of three prominent retired Military Officers: Army Colonel (RET.) Larry Mrozinski, former Chair of Veteran Outreach for the Georgia GOP; Army Colonel (RET.) Dennis Brown; and Harold Nash, retired United States Marine, Liberty Bell award winner, and Chairman of the Georgia Statewide Veterans Treatment Court Task Force.

Endorsing Paul Broun, Colonel Mrozinski said:

“America’s 23,000,000 veterans and Georgia’s nearly 800,000 veterans have waited long enough for their Congressmen to get it right on restoring the promise and trust in the medical care our veterans deserve. Doug Collins has gotten it anything but right.

"He’s drawn the ire of many veterans and Veteran Service Organizations for pointing to letters written, hearings held, and Town Hall meetings conducted, but seldom being seen or heard in any of Georgia’s VA clinics or hospitals.
When veterans needed his support in 2015, he was AWOL on a number of critical issues that include: Veteran Caregiver expansion, Survivor Benefit Plans (SBP) reform, Women Veterans’ VA Access, Spouse Employment, and eliminating the reduction of VA Disability Compensation.

"We need a Congressman in the Ninth Congressional District that understands what it means to lead from the front and accomplish a mission not only on the battlefield but also in a Congressional seat.  If you are not visiting the VA facilities when not in D.C., you are not on the job for veterans at home in Georgia. I know we can trust Paul Broun to do just this. He will lead the fight for veterans both in D.C. and in the Ninth District. I’m supporting Paul because I know he’s committed to fighting for real reforms for veterans, and isn’t interested in grandstanding and political posturing.

Endorsing Paul Broun, Colonel Dennis Brown said:

Paul Broun is the right person to represent Georgia’s Ninth District! He is clearly the best qualified and represents our values of trust, commitment, and faith. Paul is a source of strength we really need in Washington.  Please vote for and support him any way you can.”

Endorsing Paul Broun, Harold Nash said:

“When Doug Collins actually decides to show up to veterans’ events, he responds to his constituents’ questions by pre-screening and pre-selecting them. Paul Broun gives you his personal cell phone number. When Doug Collins drops by veterans’ events, he takes a picture, and leaves. Paul Broun holds extensive meetings to discuss veterans’ issues.

"Doug Collins has claimed to be your Ninth District representative for four years. But what has he done for vets? I've seen him show up at a veterans’ parade intended to honor veterans - with only his own campaign signs on display. I've seen him show up at veterans’ events and preen for the cameras - only to leave when the questions started. I've seen him promise to do great things - only to do nothing except make more promises.

"And now I see his campaign slogan is ‘Collins leads.’ As Collins ‘leads’, the VA only gets worse and the suffering of our veterans goes on. What has Doug Collins done to fix the VA? To help our veterans? Veterans across the district are struggling to answer those simple questions. This is not leadership. We deserve so much better. That’s why I’m supporting Paul Broun.

About these endorsements, Dr. Broun said:

I’m so honored by the support I’ve gotten from these veteran leaders. But I’m also angry that the Ninth District’s current Congressman has let veterans down so much. Unfortunately, veterans across the Ninth District seem to feel abandoned by their current Congressman, Establishment Politician Doug Collins. I have repeatedly been told stories of veterans desperate for help from their Congressman, only to receive generic form letters. Yet, when it’s campaign season, they tell me their Congressman is ready and available to stop by an event for 5 minutes, take a photo, leave, and then use it for campaign material.

Veterans should be so much more than campaign props used for hit and run photo ops. They deserve a Congressman who isn’t AWOL.

Even one story of a veteran getting left behind is unacceptable. As the Ninth District’s Congressman, I will never let this happen.

“To fight for veterans, I plan to arrive in Washington with a series of veteran themed bills already prepared to be introduced during my very first week in Washington. I will continue to meet with Veteran Service Organization (VSO) leaders and veterans and will attend as many veterans’ events and VA Hospitals as possible.

Veterans will be able to count on me to fight for their interests day in and day out when I’m their Congressman.

These veterans have joined a growing movement of conservatives endorsing Dr. Broun, including Georgia Right to Life.
These endorsements follow the release of Dr. Broun’s Veterans Platform.   Source: Paul Broun for Congress


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