Doug Collins Chooses the Washington Establishment Over the Ninth District

Gainesville, GA – Monday night’s Access WDUN/Gainesville Times Town Hall showed a clear difference between the candidates in Georgia’s Ninth Congressional District race. On two major issues, Paul Ryan and Omnibus, the incumbent Doug Collins chose the Washington Establishment over the Ninth District.

You can watch this for yourself above.

Dr. Paul Broun, the conservative Constitutional candidate in the race, takes a different position.

The difference between the candidates has never been more obvious,” said Broun.

When asked if we’d support Paul Ryan for another term as Speaker, the answer was easy for me. I led the fight to try stopping Ryan from becoming Speaker. I certainly won’t vote for him in the future.

This question put Establishment Doug Collins in a tough position, though. Would he turn on the man bankrolling his campaign or would he stand with the Ninth District, who opposes Paul Ryan?

Unsurprisingly, Collins said he’d support Paul Ryan – even after Ryan refused to support Donald Trump, the Ninth District's choice for President, and passed the omnibus bill which funded Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, and Obama's amnesty plan.

And, on that Omnibus bill, Collins rudely told an audience member that there was nothing he could do to defund Planned Parenthood.

People are fed up with these whiny excuses for why Republicans can’t stop Obama’s agenda. That’s why the audience booed Establishment Doug Collins’ cop out answer.

It’s clear that Doug Collins would rather stand with the Washington Establishment than with the people of the Ninth District. Last night was further proof of that.

Doug Collins was the only candidate on stage who said he’d support Paul Ryan again and vote for future Omnibus bills that fully fund Planned Parenthood.

   Source: Paul Broun for Congress


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